Cut-To-Length and Blanking

Nova Steel provides cut-to-length and blanking for cold rolled, galvanized, galvanneal and hot rolled pickled and oiled products. Nova Steel is the only manufacturer in North America with an in-line Temper mill and a 5/8 E-Driver leveler combination. Our cut-to-length and blanking services are available in Montreal, Canada.

Dorval Specifications

Material Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled, Galvanized, Galvanneal
Yield Strength 50,000 PSI
Max Coil Weight 50,000 Lbs
Max Coil Width 72”
Min Length 10” (Under please inquire)
Max Length 188”
Slit Min Length 4.5”
Slit Max Length 72”
Min Gauge 0.018” (31ga)
Max Gauge 0.130” (10ga)
Max Thickness 2 cuts – 10 gauge

3 cuts – 12, 13 gauge

4 cuts – 14 gauge

5 cuts – 16 gauge

6 cuts – 18 gauge
Min Coil I.D. 20”
Max Coil I.D. 24”
Min O.D. 36”
Max O.D. 70”

LaSalle Specifications

Material Hot Rolled steel (Black, Pickled and Oiled, Pickled Dry and Floor Plate)
Yield Strength 80,000 PSI at .625
Max Coil Weight 80,000 Lbs
Max Coil Width 73”
Min Length 48”
Max Length 660”
Min Gauge 0.055” (16ga)
Max Gauge 0.625” (5/8”)
Min Coil I.D. 20”
Max Coil I.D. 30”
Min O.D. 42”
Max O.D. 72”
9 Locations across North America

9 Locations across North America

Nova Steel includes facilities in Canada, The United States and Mexico to service customers across North America.

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